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How do I pair my Embr Wave with my mobile device?

When you first open the mobile app, it should prompt you to pair your Embr Wave. But if you have any trouble, here are some steps that will help:

When you're ready to pair with the app:
- Make sure Embr Wave is charged (or plugged in).
- Make sure Embr Wave is off (no lights)
- Navigate to the Settings screen of the app, and click 'Pair New Device'.
- On your phone, turn Bluetooth off and back on again.
- When the mobile app requests you to start pairing, hold down both sides of the Light Bar on your Embr Wave, making sure the left and right sides are fully pressed in for about 5 seconds. A green light pattern should appear! You can now release.
- Press 'Confirm' in the app, and click 'Pair' when prompted by the app.